A smooth, seamless surface


Plastering is a popular method of providing a smooth seamless surface, which then becomes ready to receive decoration. Skimming provides a top coat of plaster that is polished evenly to create an attractive finish. Surface preparation simply involves joint reinforcement of plasterboards or PVA sealer to existing walls. The plaster is applied to the wall or ceiling surface to a nominal 2 to 5mm thickness.

Traditional Plaster Finish

Plaster is known for its durability. After expert application, it dries to an exceptionally hard surface that is not easy to damage. It is fire resistant, and does not have as many problems with water damage as drywall.

Provides Uniform Surface

A skim coat will give old walls and ceilings a completely new look, with the best possible start for decorating.

Clean and Speedy Installation

Plaster is applied wet and dries to the space where it is applied, avoiding dust, and mess. Unlike drywall, it doesn’t have to be sanded after application, which again reduces dust and mess after the installation.

Overall, with the lack of sanding and lack of cleanup necessary, plaster is actually faster and more efficient to apply to a space than drywall is to install.

Applied to 3mm thickness

The professional standard, this will provide all the benefits skimming can give.



Bryant Plastering is a well established competitive company which has successfully been completing commercial and private projects for over twenty years.

The Randolph, Oxford

An Oxford institution and landmark, the prestigious Randolph Hotel contacted us to provide a quotation for some Plastering works to the spa. After our initial consultation , they were very impressed with our polished plaster package. Our team installed a high...


Bicester Village train station

We had the pleasure of working on the new Bicester Village train station. Works consisting of plasterboarding and Plastering. Working to tight deadlines we were still able to achieve the high spec finish that we have become reputable for.


Graven Hill

Graven Hill, on the southern edge of Bicester, is currently the largest opportunity in the UK for people who want to build their own home, and subject of Channel 4's Grand Designs: The Street. The team at Bryant Plastering have...


Coral springs Care Homes

This contract lasted over two years in two phases.  We worked on 15 plots consisting of 12 apartments each. In all, there were over 300 rooms, as well as a gymnasium, swimming pools and a community complex